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In Loving Memory of Tyler Reynolds

This post is being written in loving memory and as a tribute to my wonderful Grandson, Tyler Reynolds, who recently passed away. I want to honor him by sharing some of our life together and special moments with Tyler and his / our family.

Tyler Malone Reynolds

Tyler Malone Reynolds June 30, 1993 – August 18, 2019

Tyler’s life, while all too brief, filled my life, his family’s life, with more blessings than can be counted. His presence here will be missed, more than words can say. He will be in our hearts forever. A bright and sweet little boy who became a bright, sweet, loving young man…now in the arms of the Angels and made new and whole in the arms of our Saviour.

A little bit about Tyler…

Tyler Malone Reynolds was born on June 30,1993 in Phoenix Arizona to his parents Brian Paul Reynolds and Teresa Reynolds.

He grew up in the Deer Valley area and enjoyed playing soccer and skate boarding as a youngster.

Tyler graduated from North Canyon High School and later earned an Associate’s Degree from Paradise Valley Community College. He was involved in Boy Scouts where he worked hard and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He was ambitious and dedicated to the goals that he set out to achieve which he did with an enthusiasm both in personal matters as well as in his work.

Tyler had many interests and a love for learning . Tyler was a self taught computer coder and web developer. He was artistic and enjoyed personal and physical development through meditation, yoga, regular trips to the gym and aside from his love for macaroni and cheese…healthy eating. He remained an active skateboarder, basketball enthusiast and video gamer.

I will remember so many things about Tyler. He had such an easy going and kind personality and way about him. His quiet reserve and gentle persuasion were, undeniably, great qualities! He was thoughtful and took great care to consider how he approached his life, his beliefs and was very thoughtful, kind and loving toward others. He had a constant and unconditional love for all of his family. Many of us could take note of how he loved…and make our lives better. His kindness, compassion for others, love for his family and his life of gratitude are qualities that his family and all that knew him will always be grateful for and remember most about Tyler.


Tyler was an inspiration to his family and all that knew him. Tyler was just 18 yrs of age when he experienced a life altering event. After a long hospital stay and recovering through physical rehabilitation, by the grace of God and answered prayers, Tyler recovered. He learned to face his physical challenges and overcome his obstacles through his faith, gratitude and the love and support of his family. He made a miraculous recovery and it was truly one of the most profound experiences of my life that strengthened my faith and knowledge of the miracles that God can and does bestow upon us.

It was a very difficult time for me, Tyler’s Dad and all of our family. Day after day, with constant prayer, we watched Tyler progress through his recovery. I will never forget my ‘God Wink’ that came to me, through Tyler.

Tyler’s Dad (Paul) was living in Montana at the time and had traveled to Arizona to be there at the hospital with Tyler (nearly 24/7). Each day I completed my work shift, went to the hospital to see Tyler, brought Paul back to my home for something to eat and a few (very few) hours of sleep while Tyler’s Mom and sisters were there with Tyler. After Paul had a bite to eat and a bit of rest I took him back to the hospital, with a packed breakfast and lunch for the next day, saw Tyler if there was opportunity for a visit and then I headed back home to try to get some rest so that I could do the same thing again the next day. I think this was over a period of six weeks (or more). There were times that we were all so weary but we were all still holding on to our faith that Tyler would have a complete recovery.

Back to the ‘God Wink’…

When Tyler had been moved out of ICU and over to the Rehabilitation Center he had to learn how to do everything all over again; walk, eat…everything. After much progress in his therapy he was able to walk down the halls with assistance. One afternoon Tyler’s Dad (my son Paul) and I were helping Tyler take a walk, with Tyler walking between us so that either of us could help support him if needed. As we walked, and were talking Tyler paused, reached over to take my hand and then said to me…“Grandma, I just have to remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other and everything will be alright”. That was a message for me (my ‘God Wink’) because included in my daily prayers for Tyler’s recovery and for strength for his Dad, Mom, Sisters and all of his / our family, I asked The Lord…‘Please Lord, just help me keep putting one foot in front of the other and help me know that everything will be alright’.

That was an answered prayer and a ‘God Wink’ that is etched in my heart!

Tyler was a caring, thoughtful and loving son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin and uncle.

Tyler is survived by his father, Brian Paul Reynolds, mother, Teresa (Terry) Ingo, sisters Jamie(Nick)Zieser, Alexis Reynolds; grandparents Bud and Victoria Parker; David (Sindhu) Reynolds; great grandfather Chad Christiansen; aunts and uncles, Tonya Reynolds, Emily (Matt)Bier, Jacob Reynolds, Jesse Reynolds, Amanda (Josh)Fritz, Cabe Parker, Jace Parker; great uncles John (Rea)Christiansen, Cary Christiansen, great aunt, Debbie (Darryl) Peel; cousins, Austin, Travis and Carson Fritz and Chandra Reynolds…

and aunts, nieces and nephews that didn’t have opportunity to truly know Tyler. I am thankful to know that there will be a time when we can all rejoice in knowing and loving each other.

Tyler is preceded in death by his great grandmother, Fern Bushong Christiansen

and a grandfather, William Black .

Tyler is also survived by many family members on his mother’s side of his family which include a grandmother (Elaine Black) step father, step sisters and step brothers, niece and nephews and many more aunts, uncles and cousins. Some have been acknowledged in other memorials and all are a part of Tyler’s life and legacy.

There were and are so many that Tyler loved and cared for and we are all forever grateful, changed and look forward to the time that we will see him again.

~Until we meet again,

May you rest in the arms of the Angels, feel joy and peace…

And know that you are forever in our hearts!

This beautiful song and poem, ‘The Last Time’, that is displayed to accompany it’s message (below), are such a beautiful reminder that none of us have all the time we want and should not take a second for granted. For my time with Tyler, my love for him and the love that he shared with all that love him….this is for Tyler.

With forever love, from Grandma Vee

Beautiful…please play the video.

9 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Tyler Reynolds

  1. Victoria, I am so deeply sorry you had to say “good-bye for now.” What a handsome young man… This is a beautiful tribute to him and his life. Those God-winks are what pull me through the loss of my daughter, and help me continue to put one foot in front of the other… His love for each one of us is infinite. I pray you will find great peace and comfort in the days ahead, and forever feel Tyler by your side. ❤️

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    1. Thank you Michelle! Thank you for taking the time to read about my beloved grandson, your kind comments and for your your prayer for peace and comfort. You have touched my heart, both in the words you’ve written of your own loss and in your kind words for Tyler and for me. Thank you. I pray for you also and that you will also continue to experience those ‘God Winks’ and keep putting one foot in front of the other, stay on the shore when you need to and jump back in when you feel His strength enough to do so! God bless you dear lady!

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