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I am grateful and honored by the nominations for these awards. For reasons I shall explain here…I have decided to thank and honor those that nominated me but not participate in the award process for the three that I’ve not had time to participate in and for future nominations… remain an award free blog. For me…the ‘reward’ (the share and share alike) is the ‘award’!

Gratitude and reciprocation…is vital to the success of any blogger. I am truly grateful for those that follow my journey…and take the time to comment or ‘like’ on a post.

I started blogging at the suggestion of my granddaughter, Jamie. I was moving from Arizona to Kentucky and my children and grandchildren had a going away party for me.

We were saying our goodbyes and my granddaughter said…Grandma…maybe you should start a blog so that we can see what you’re doing there in Kentucky! I didn’t give it much thought, and then…I gave it some serious thought! I got moved, settled in…started blogging! My intent was the same as it is today. I know things such as this evolve over time, as we do, but I have stayed true to the original intent of my blog. I wanted to share my passion for the comforts of home, cooking and baking and include some of our experiences in our new home in the South.

I have found that there are some curious things about this whole blogging experience! My goal is not to have a certain number of followers. For me… it is not a popularity contest but it is about adding value to someone’s day. Even the process of doing a post has added value to MY day! My hope has always been that those who follow…will enjoy the journey with me! I love having my family and friends follow my new journey here in my new home, Kentucky. I have found value and inspiration in the blogs that I have chosen to follow along the way.

About the popularity thing…my purpose is not to be the most popular gal on the blog! It is, however, wonderful to get the message ‘someone liked your post’ and to be liked! Remember Sally Field…and ‘you really do like me’?

I believe there is a common courtesy in blogging that we should all adopt and adhere to. I also think we can be picky! I ‘visit’ the bloggers that take the time to read one of my posts and give me a ‘like’ or a comment.  GIVE and RECEIVE…where there is like mind and moral value.

I have received some gracious awards…some I have participated in and some…I have declined, for reasons mentioned in this post. Thank you, sincerely, to those that nominated me for these awards.

The Beautiful Blogger Award,  nominated by

The Super Sweet Blogger Award , nominated by

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, nominated by

The Sunshine Award, nominated by

The Liebster Blog Award, nominated by

Please take a journey to these lovely blogs mentioned.

About acceptance of awards and participation…

At first…I was quite surprised at the response (or lack thereof) that I got from some of the bloggers that I nominated when I participated in the award process. I thought it was very neat to be nominated…but I don’t think all bloggers share the same excitement or gratitude…so….I have retraced my steps and confirm, for myself, the why’s and the wherefore’s of my blog.

The ‘awards’ are tokens of appreciation by another blogger. They are a nice way to say ‘I enjoy and appreciate your blog’. That is a pretty cool thing but aren’t we always doing that anyway….by taking the time to read someone’s post and comment or ‘like’ their post? I think we can get stretched thin with some of the ‘awards’ that are circulating and perhaps that is why I had such limited response. In some cases there was not even a thank you given or mention of the nomination…and this takes time and effort, time away from the little amount of precious time one has just to do their blog!  I understand!

About followers and following…

I  watch the bloggers that ‘follow’ me. I sometimes wonder (with some) why are they following my blog if they don’t ever ‘like’ a post or comment? That is an indication to me that some bloggers just want to add ‘numbers’. That’s part of the game…follow and maybe they’ll follow me! I have a different goal. I enjoy this blogging journey. I truly do. It brings out my creative expression. It makes me feel connected to my friends and family when they tell me how much they love it too! If  I have a small number of followers that truly enjoy my whacky sense of humor, style of writing and expression, enjoy having a glimpse of the South and maybe even the recipes that I share…I am blessed…so blessed!

 For my fellow bloggers that leave comments and do ‘follow’ my journey…thank you!

I appreciate you and your kind comments! We all have our own goals with our blogs. I believe we should stick to what motivates and inspires us… in others and in ourselves! I am being very selective about the bloggers that I follow. I truly hope that my followers were and are just as picky! It is a form of fellowship that I enjoy!

I have some goals about my blog and the experience thereof and will continue to move in that direction. That being said…I have chosen to continue to help build up others in their endeavors to find a bogging community and continue to visit and follow their blogs. I will continue to offer genuine response to their posts that I have enjoyed and…


Wishing you the joys of sharing,

a day that is blessed simply…

and a day that is simply blessed!


14 thoughts on “Blogging Awards

  1. A nice perspective, thanks for sharing your thoughts on awards. It’s true that many of us are stretched very thin with everything we have going on in life. I enjoy reading a variety of blogs and leaving comments for others because I know it’s going to make someone’s day! It definitely makes me feel good when someone comments on one of my posts!

    BTW, Victoria, I used to live in AZ, too! Very cool that you can combine the Southwest with the South in your recipes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing as well! It really does feel like a kinship when you share in each other’s life experience. Always nice to meet another Zoni as well! 😊 Thanks again for your kind thoughts and comment!


  2. Keep your Kentucky pictures and recipes coming. I noticed that you have stopped by my blog, MyKentuckyLiving, and thanks so much. As you may have seen, I have many interests and the topics are many. Please visit often. I have been on a holiday break, but will become more active now that the decorations are down.
    Sheila aka msshe


    1. Being new to Kentucky is a fun experience. I enjoy the topics and photos on your blog…it expands my Kentucky experience. I have not been active with my blog for a while…but I definitely want to share more of my Southern home and Kentucky life this year. I’ll look forward to what we can both share. Isn’t it a bit of a bummer when Christmas is over…decorations all down? Oh well…Valentine’s…right around the corner! 🙂


  3. I love what you said it feels good to a blogger when, what you do is appreciated and your not just a number. Every blog I follow I want to build a long on going relationship, I love people so I like to get to know who I connect with. It never feels good to stop by someone’s blog and take time to say hello and they don’t even care that you even stopped by. I love your blog


    1. Thank you for your comment LaDonna! Yes…it is about being like-minded more than being liked. In that vein…we share and touch each others’ lives. I do visit each and every site that comes by way of Home and The Range. While there are some sites that I would not continue to visit (based on content that may not be in alignment with my purpose) I always give the courtesy of at least a look at the blog and the author. I applaud you for the inspirational nature of your blog and I will be visiting again. Blessings to you!


  4. I really like what you’ve written about “enjoying the blogging journey and it bringing out you creative expression.” That exactly how I feel. Reading other blogs inspires me, and it’s about quality over quantity for me. A lovely collection of awards here too 🙂


    1. Thank you Aimee! I couldn’t agree more! Love your blog…inspirational! I appreciate your visit and comments! I hope your day is full of blessings and inspiration!


  5. Excellent post! And congratulations on your awards!
    I hadn’t thought about the comment vs. like before and thank you for bringing that up. Sometimes I feel guilty for not commenting and usually it is because I am pressed for time. I want the person to know and feel that I liked their post; even though I didn’t comment that time. I am there and I am thinking of them. I guess some may be just looking for numbers. I never thought about it before. Great conversation started here!


    1. Thank you! And thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I do agree…a ‘like’ is nice and we don’t always have the time to make a comment. Sometimes others have already shared the same sentiment or thought and there is no need to be repetitive. I just don’t get why someone would ‘follow’ and never even ‘like’….ever! I do believe it is about numbers. I suppose that is okay if one is trying to attract advertisers but that doesn’t seem to be the case and it still makes no sense! Ah well…I love those that I follow! YOU make beautiful food and I know I’ll be trying some of your recipes…and will share them. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  6. its interesting what you say about followers, I have been wondering about that as well on my own blog.. for myself, if I follow a blog I look for their posts in the “Blogs I Follow” on the reader every day.. my blog is an award free as well.. visits are award enough..

    Have a great day! 🙂


    1. Hi Vicki…my fellow ‘like’ minded blogger! 🙂 Your blog is one that I have in my reader. I must say…I love all of the beautiful photos that you’ve added. Love the new direction of your blog! Thanks for your visit here at Home and The Range today! Have a blessed day!


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