Yes…we had dessert…Kentucky Spice Cookies…Yum!

Ok...you had the Taco Soup...right? Ready for dessert? We had...Kentucky Spice Cookies (with Vanilla Ice Cream)! They are tasty! If you love gingersnaps or gingerbread...I think you'll love these snappy gems also. I found this recipe in my San Francisco A La Carte cookbook (go figure). According to SFALC... "The recipe for these marvelous morsels… Continue reading Yes…we had dessert…Kentucky Spice Cookies…Yum!


Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Me?....Let me think! Bear with me...this is great stuff! I am Naomi's granddaughter, the spitting image of...let me explain... Being new to the blogging world caused me much reflection on just exactly who I am! How do we really 'describe' ourselves in a  paragraph? I  have seen blog author profiles that are extensive and some that are brief,… Continue reading Who Do You Think You Are?


Taco Soup….it’s popular in these parts!

Here's what we had cookin' at Home and The Range this weekend.... Taco Soup! It seems to be a popular dish here in Kentucky. Funny...I moved here from the Southwest and never heard about this tasty soup before. So...Poppy (my husband) and I decided to gather some of the kids around the chuck wagon  (it… Continue reading Taco Soup….it’s popular in these parts!

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An Irish Dinner…Irish Coddle and Soda Bread

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is an edited post from way back when...one of my first posts, worthy of a repeat. I came across this recipe back then and have since then introduced the dish to several family members. We LOVE it! This is a classic Irish dish and although a great dish for St.… Continue reading An Irish Dinner…Irish Coddle and Soda Bread


Tornadoes…helping those in need

It has been a few weeks now since the tornadoes tore through some of our neighboring communities here in Kentucky, literally taking entire towns off the map! I have heard the sirens before but this go 'round was much more serious. The tornado was expected to touch down here in Louisville. Fortunately it turned and went… Continue reading Tornadoes…helping those in need


Craving Grandma’s Pudding

I am a child of the 50's and I love homestyle cooking. I have been craving, for many years, my Grandmother's pudding. I believe it was popular back in the 50's and may have disappeared from homestyle cooking today. Last Thanksgiving there was conversation (again) about this pudding. My Mother has tried to locate the… Continue reading Craving Grandma’s Pudding