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Mama’s Empty Nest…Inspiration to make my favorite egg dish!

Mama's nest... empty now! I love this picture! This nest sits nestled up in the eaves of a little shed next to the barn in our backyard. The subject matter for the photo challenge this week had to do with two elements...separate but both having something to do with the other. The nest is in the… Continue reading Mama’s Empty Nest…Inspiration to make my favorite egg dish!

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Blue Skies…and Southern Sweet Tea!

The view from the sky! Does this picture put you in the mood to relax, maybe swing...sleep in a hammock and drink some Lemonade or maybe some Southern Sweet Tea? Well...I promised my recipe for some 'Sweet Tea'. I just learned how to make this. Another one of those things that makes one… Continue reading Blue Skies…and Southern Sweet Tea!

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A Swing Thing…and Just a Swingin’!

Childhood memories of the swing in this episode! Ahh...the swing! I recall my childhood passions...the swinging in the breeze, No matter where the swing hung, From a pole or in the trees... Work and work...pump harder, climb higher, Feel the wind, feel the rush, How high can I go, How far will I fall?.... I… Continue reading A Swing Thing…and Just a Swingin’!


Kentucky Rain!

Right as rain...rain!This photo was taken in my backyard last Saturday afternoon. You can see it is raining back in 'the cove'.Oh how I love the rain here!Is there anything better than a rainy day...snuggling beneath a blanket and reading a book, watching a movie or taking that much-needed nap? Yes...there is! Getting out in… Continue reading Kentucky Rain!