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Dutch Baby Pancake, Oh Baby!

dutch baby pancake

Dutch Baby, Dutch Baby give me your hand…..Oh, wait, wrong song! There probably is no song for this lovely puffed pancake but there should be! It is so simple and yet so special! There is a song for Hot Cross Buns, so why not Dutch Baby Pancakes? 

How I became acquainted with this fancy pancake that is really a cross between a crepe and a pancake…

My lovely daughter, Emily, made this special pancake for me on my birthday last year when I was staying with her. I’ve never had ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’ but I sure love breakfast at Emily’s! It was so delicious I just could not imagine why this was never a staple at our house when my kids were growing up. I suppose it must be that I’d never had a Dutch Baby Pancake before and also one pancake would not feed six kids! I would have had to have four pans in the oven at a time! And then a repeat! So even if I’d had the pleasure of tasting this delightful pancake (of sorts), it would have been a morning long endeavor and hungry children would be getting hangry (or at least restless), in anticipation.

I was here at home in Kentucky this year for my birthday and my lovely daughter was at her home in Arizona. I had a case of the blues but while thinking about my last birthday I decided to make a Dutch Baby Pancake for myself. I did just that and I also ate it all by myself! Not in one sitting, mind you, but I did nibble at it over the course of the day. It was, after all, my birthday and my husband was at work! I thought if I made one of my favorite cakes (Texas Sheet Cake) I may have eaten the whole thing by myself before my husband got home! Making a delicious ‘dump cake’ may have been appropriate for a pick me up while feeling ‘down in the dumps’ and I may have eaten an entire ‘dump cake’. I surely would not have felt any better! A Dutch Baby Pancake was a good choice for many reasons. The most important reason being that I treasure having such a thoughtful daughter who made this treat for me last year. Making this treat on my own was fun simply because my daughter made it for me as a special way to start my birthday last year. Family moments are the best and looking back at them are a great pick me up!  I highly recommend this very easy to make but fancy and delicious breakfast sensation for a birthday or any day treat or for any time of day treat or for a feelin’ the blues, down in the dumps pick me up treat!!

If you search for a recipe for Dutch Baby Pancake online you will find some variations and various toppings recommended. Some will suggest just a dusting of powdered sugar (yum),  a drizzle of lemon and honey (yum), and many suggest serving with berries (also yum). I served mine (to myself) with a dusting of powdered sugar and the bourbon sauce that my husband and I love (and yes, yum). Many times he has asked me why I don’t bottle and sell this stuff! The first time I made it was to serve over bread pudding. I used to make a different bourbon sauce recipe but will never go back to that one. The recipe that I use now is courtesy of Chef Nick, A famous Kentucky chef, who also has a wonderful bread pudding recipe to go with the bourbon sauce recipe (links posted below).



tasty baby

My Birthday Dutch Baby Pancake was a treat I shall repeat. Hmmm, that line just may be the beginning of a Dutch Baby Pancake song!

I certainly will not be waiting until my next birthday to enjoy my next Dutch Baby Pancake!


Until we meet again…

May you be blessed with unexpected pleasures,

Times with loved ones that you will treasure;

And, as I always say…

May you be blessed simply,

And simply blessed!


Me and my little Pogo

     Thankful, Grateful, Blessed yellow butterfly


2 thoughts on “Dutch Baby Pancake, Oh Baby!

    1. Yes, and we like breakfast food for supper every now and then. Perhaps I should serve one for supper and then one for dessert! DB’s are so good they are an any time pancake! 🙂

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