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Postcards from Kentucky….Stormy Weather!

The past week....stormy weather in Louisville! The thunder storms here....so....loud! Every time we get one of these storms I want to go back to the West! I experienced the Monsoons of the desert (now they call them Nonsoons because of a lack thereof). A Monsoon storm can put you a bit on edge...but these storms… Continue reading Postcards from Kentucky….Stormy Weather!

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‘Oats and Crafts’ week! Sewing…some Oats!

This week I'm 'sewing' some wild oats...well...you'll see! Take a look in at... Home... some¬†sew/crochet projects that I've been working on, and from The Range... some homemade goodies made with oats! Today.... I want to start the week with another¬†post about the crochet squares that are needed for Tornado victims. Being near some of the… Continue reading ‘Oats and Crafts’ week! Sewing…some Oats!


Kentucky Rain!

Right as rain...rain!This photo was taken in my backyard last Saturday afternoon. You can see it is raining back in 'the cove'.Oh how I love the rain here!Is there anything better than a rainy day...snuggling beneath a blanket and reading a book, watching a movie or taking that much-needed nap? Yes...there is! Getting out in… Continue reading Kentucky Rain!