Tornadoes…helping those in need

It has been a few weeks now since the tornadoes tore through some of our neighboring communities here in Kentucky, literally taking entire towns off the map! I have heard the sirens before but this go ’round was much more serious. The tornado was expected to touch down here in Louisville. Fortunately it turned and went around us but what hit us was pretty severe. I thought I would have to go down into the cellar. And…I definitely do not want to ever have to do so unprepared. Preparedness is something  I will be taking a look at.

My cousin Pam suggested that I stock a big container with the essentials that I may have to grab as I head down into the cellar. Good idea! Let’s see…Ruby Red Slippers, Flying Monkey Repellent, Map to Oz (no, there will be yellow bricks). And…really…I need to get organized and be ready. I’m sure it isn’t the last time I will hear those sirens. Poppy and I are discussing our emergency plan, to include some essentials that the dogs will need if we all end up in the cellar.

As for the tornado victims…
I have wondered how I might help. I am going to make some baby blankets and donate. In my search for where and how I came upon the following…

A Tangled Yarn, located in Nicholas, KY is working hard to crochet & knit squares to put together to make blankets to donate to disaster victims. They need to be size 7 x 9. If you would like to help, or know of a knitting circle to pass this information on to, send your squares to:
A Tangled Yarn
605 N Main St
Nicholasville, KY 40356

I have been crazed with making little crochet squares…dishcloths. Now…I know a simple way (with lots of yarn scraps) to help. If you have some yarn…the talent…maybe just a square or two will help.

Dishcloths…done…now…baby quilt squares!

For the rest of this post…
Last week Prime Minister David Cameron visited the White House. A good time was had by all and Prime Minister Cameron made some jokes about how, 200 years ago, his ancestors tried to torch the White House. Well…all laughed, of course. But did you catch the part about the gifts that were exchanged? Obama received a Table Tennis set. And what did Obama give the British Prime Minister?
He gave the man a…..BBQ Grill! Hello????  Now I don’t care who you are…that is funny!

May your day be…simply blessed!

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