Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Me?….Let me think! Bear with me…this is great stuff!

Grandma Naomi

I am Naomi’s granddaughter, the spitting image of…let me explain…

Being new to the blogging world caused me much reflection on just exactly who I am! How do we really ‘describe’ ourselves in a  paragraph? I  have seen blog author profiles that are extensive and some that are brief, to the point, relevant to one subject matter.  Browsing through those profiles brought me to a place of thoughtful reflection and gratitude for who I am.   

Many people will say…I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother…etc., but only naming one or two of those ‘titles’.  Of course we can’t all mention an entire list of the ‘titles’ that we bear all of the time (silly) but we are all a sum ‘of all parts’. I am a Daughter, Sister, Niece, Cousin, Aunt, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Co-Worker (when I’m working).  See what I mean? And then, of course….I add some interests and talents…and that equals…ME!

Have you seen the reality show…Who Do You Think You Are (produced by My daughter, Emily, told me about the program last year. I was able to catch a few episodes, loved the program and have started watching again.  Watching the histories unfold is really neat…very touching! I come from a family that believes in family geneology and the importance of keeping a good family record. I know I have not done that for my children. It is on my “I really must do this” list now!

Country Music fan, or not….I hope this song (You Tube link below) touches your heart and makes you proud…of who you are!  This was one of Cabe’s favorite songs (he is…his Father’s son…and my step-son).

Who I am (Rosemary’s granddaughter) lyrics

Dad's Mother...Naomi

I…am Naomi and Taylor’s Granddaughter,

Alice and LaNay’s Granddaughter,

Dean and Grace’s Granddaughter,

 that’s who I am!

Above all…I am thankful!  I know my Mama is my biggest fan…and I hope my children know that I am theirs (along with being in front of the line in my grand kids’ fan club).

Wishing you…a thankful heart for who you are!

May your day be blessed…simply,


(Mom/ Victoria/Aunt Vickie/ Swister Vee/Sis/Cuz’n/G’Ma/Grandma…and, ok…Babe)

2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?

    1. Thank you Sheryl! I am looking forward to reading more of your Grandmother’s Diary…very sweet! Great inspiration!
      I am going to encourage my parents to journal all that they know of our family…and their own stories.
      May your day be simply blessed! Vee


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