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A Festival and Celebration…We enjoyed the Fireworks!

Poppy and I went to our first ‘Thunder Over Louisville’ last weekend. It is one of the biggest events and fireworks shows in the U.S. and…
we loved it!

Click the button at the left…to see part of the fireworks show.
(so sorry this video was ‘missing’ for a while…seems somebody ‘stole our Thunder’)

There are a few bridges that connect Kentucky and Indiana…from downtown Louisville. One of the bridges was used for the fireworks show. It was nothing short of spectacular! This was the big finale…but it was a day-long event that we enjoyed with family.

The afternoon was an unusually bitter cold day. The kids made the best of it, playing in the sand and watching the amazing planes and stunts, waiting for the big fireworks show that was well worth the wait!

Meischa playing in the sand.

Meischa is our son Jace’s girlfriend’s little girl. She is so cotton-pickin’ cute! She always makes us laugh with her wild imagination.
We love being her Grandma and Grandpa too!

London…a peaceful afternoon dude!

Our ‘Grand Nephew’…he is grand! Out of the blue…he often says I love you! A pretty neat thing for  a kid to do! (see song below)

And…here is Poppy and Meischa.

yes…all of us ‘Girls’ had our neon necklaces on!

Thunder Over Louisville marks the beginning of two weeks of festivities and events…and food!
So, of course, Mom made some Kentucky Derby Pie!

Kentucky Derby Pie with Walnuts

Click the link at the sidebar to pop over to our kitchen for the recipe if you’d like…it really is easy and yummy! There are some more fireworks pictures there and detail about ‘Thunder’ as well.

We wish you fun times with family and celebration together.
We celebrate our blessings…count them one by one.
We are still praying for Dustin, our Nephew…now on oxygen for the remainder of his life.
I will pray, each day….for one more day with you!
A million I love you’s Dustin!
A million I love you’s…to all of our loved ones, some in special need of prayer. We are thinking of you every day.
We are thankful for all of our days together! We love and hold you dear!


Have you ever heard the song One More Day….by Diamond Rio?

It is a beautiful song that reminds me, everytime I hear it….that every day is precious!

May your day be blessed simply….and simply blessed, each and every…one more precious day!
Mom ‘N Poppy

2 thoughts on “A Festival and Celebration…We enjoyed the Fireworks!

  1. Oh my dear swister…as I am sitting here with Dustin and shedding some tear's at your sweet post. God gave me the best swister in the world.I love you forever dear:)Love ya,Deb:)


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