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Photo Challenge Post….Out of Focus!

The photo challenge topic this week is….

Out of Focus!

Funny! What comes to my mind is…Hocus Pocus!

On a more serious note, I contemplate how things in our lives, at times, seem to be out of focus.

I looked at my photos…

What Lies Beyond The Boundaries….

And I thought…

Often we think that our lives are out of focus, out of control, in a state of turmoil or chaos.

Yet…the things that are out of focus are really within our reach.  Sometimes what we place in the forefront of our lives…causes the imbalance. It is a self-imposed

‘boundary’, perhaps. When we shift our ‘focus’ or our attention or intentions to what lies just beyond the ‘boundary’…things become very clear!

A better view…now I see the trees!

The first photo has a definite ‘focus’ on the boundary, while the trees, what lies beyond the boundary…

is out of focus!

In the second photo…what held my view and held me back, the boundary….is no longer the focal point. What

used to be in the forefront…now fades away.

Another thought…

When we allow our ‘view’ or perception of what is going on around us to remain out of focus we lose a lot of

the details. Sometimes those details are what allow us

to enjoy the moment.

Missing the details!

When I look at the crazy knotted up branch of this tree….I missed a lot of the beautiful detail of the ‘whole’.

So much more to that tree!

But when I take a step  back and make a slight adjustment…there is so much more to it! Now there is more

color, more life, more to enjoy! And somehow…even the twisted branch adds a lot to the overall picture.

That is life! Sometimes the knotted up places, that sometimes feel like there is nothing beyond that painful

moment, are, in fact, what adds character and dimension and beauty to our lives!

Have you ever heard the expression…the Devil is in the details? I believe that means, in general, that the

details always mess things up!

Hmmm….maybe not!

Or, at least, not this time!

Wishing you clarity, focus, peace of mind…

and Angels…in the details of your  life!

Happy Trails….

Until next time….


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