Do we have our ‘Ducks in a Row’?

Some notes about the weekend…

(this post is imported from Mom ‘N Poppy’s…another blog that we

are moving over here to our Home and The Range).

Mother’s Day was spent with much reflection on Motherhood.

Just to share a few thoughts about Mom…

I am thankful for my Mother and I am blessed to have her in my life. My Mother has been a strong woman. She encourages me and loves me through all of my life challenges. I know that I am in my Mother’s prayers every day. This example has taught me to be prayerful over my children…daily.
My Mother is a beautiful and talented lady. She was blessed with a pretty special singing voice.

Her nickname is Song Bird.

Most of all…I have been blessed with her love.

I wasn’t able to spend time with Mom or my kids or grand kids…but I made something special for Mom anyway. Poppy and I enjoyed it.

I call it my Angel Mama Cake
you can select this link for a printable recipe…

Each Mother’s Day I also give thanks for the honor of being a Mother…and think back to a time that this Mama Duck…had all her ‘Ducks in a row’!

I have asked myself, many times, if I provided enough for my children. Did I do the right things,  tell them that I loved them enough, set a good example, prepare them for their adult life…and many more questions. I just know that when all is said and done…we all do the best that we can and the best that we knew how to do.

One of my favorite movies is Hope Floats. There is a scene in the movie where Birdee (Sandra Bullock) is crying and telling her Mother how she was determined to be a better Mother than her Mom was and hug her daughter often (which apparently her Mom didn’t do). Her Mother (Gena Rowlands), broken hearted for her daughter, tells her…’all Mother’s love their daughters even if they show it poorly.” I love that! Indeed…aren’t we all just doing the best we can and always trying to do better? All Mother’s hope they did enough!

It was easy when the kids were young…to keep track of them and their activities…keeping all of them in a row! It is hard to believe that those days are gone. I just hope that I gave them enough!
Enough to know how to keep life in order and to value each other and their families…keeping their ‘Ducks in a row’! There is quite a bit of meaning in that little phrase…I like it!

Mama Aflac? She posed for me!
Trying to get in a row!
Poppy and I wish you a day that is blessed simply…
and simply blessed…
with all your ‘Ducks in a Row’!

3 thoughts on “Do we have our ‘Ducks in a Row’?

    1. Thank you Faith! I am truly blessed to have my Mother, a woman of strength and faith. I am inspired by your blog…loved the post ‘Crazy Faith’ and I am honored by your nomination! Thank you so much!
      Wishing you continued blessings!


  1. That cake looks good, I have just been checking out the recipe.It is difficult as our children get older to know that we are still doing the right things for them. As you say, we can only do our best.


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