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More from the ‘Oats and Crafts’ Week….some quick crochet projects!

To finish up the ‘Oats and Crafts’ for the week….

Crochet Projects

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I love making crochet afghans and baby blankets. There is great reward in looking at your final work…especially when it is made as a gift. I look forward to the ‘giving’ and I’m always hopeful that the receiver will enjoy having the blankie or afghan to warm them on a rainy afternoon or in the cool of the night during the winter months. But…those do require an investment of time and I find it difficult to work on those projects when the weather is warmer. As that ever-growing cover…covers my lap as I crochet…I get a bit warm and have to set it aside for a while! So….the smaller projects are good for warmer months. It is just nice to have a quick project to work  on. A project that you can just whip up …get ‘er done…and enjoy! Over the past month, or so, I have made some really quick little gifts.

I recently came across some crochet ponytail holders and thought I’d give those a try.  They are very easy to make.

Easy to make…’pony’s’!

I think I’ll add some beads to the next little ‘pony’s’.

And I’ve been making some little crochet, beaded bracelets.

A beaded ‘Princess Bracelet’…for Rylee!
Kiara showing off her caterpillar and sporting her ‘Princess Bracelet’!

I changed the design on these a bit! I found a button-hole loop to be not as sturdy as I’d like it to be. The design change…crochet a ‘button hole’ instead. The bracelet that Kiara is wearing in the above picture….was the ‘re-design’ version and definitely more sturdy for an active little ‘Princess’….catching caterpilllars and such all day long!

And….for Mom…I made some little lined mini bags for her to put in her purse (for those little miscellaneous items that reside  at the bottom of a purse). To make them…I  made a rectangle…changing direction at the end of the piece and adding scallops to make the flap. Then…I added a piece of matching fabric for the lining and for the closure I added snaps. To embellish…a crochet flower, sewn onto the front of the bag.

Mini bags…for Mom!

I think I better make some of these for my own purse! Weekend project….number 10?

I have been inspired by some other crafty people this week…and I’ve got some new projects in mind. Once I get to them…

I shall, of course, give credit for the inspiration to those that evoked such creativity!

I’ll keep you posted! I hope these quick and simple projects inspired you in some way!

Stay tuned for more  Oats of the ‘Oats and Crafts ‘ week….some great Oatmeal Cookie Bars (Poppy’s favorite)!

So until then…..

Wishing you a day…simply blessed….

and Happy Trails!


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