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A Matter of Life,Death….and a dessert ‘to die for’…Pecan Pie Bars!

No crisis….no emergency….just a bit about one of the ‘not so odd…ities’

in the South!

Here in the South….

Cemeteries are in the Church yard! Something that, at first, creeped me out!


I find it appropriate, thought-provoking and …bittersweet!

Come to the Church in the Wild Wood….

When I first moved to Kentucky, last December, I noticed that cemeteries reside in the Church yard.

It made me feel a bit uneasy….kind of like how I feel about burials, in general. I get pretty upset (who doesn’t) at a gravesite. Aside from the loss and the heartache, I also deal with the whole burial in the ground thing. I wrestle with that in my mind and in my heart. I can’t explain it very well and even writing about it…I feel that gut wrenching feeling of loss.

The location of a cemetery in most small towns out West…is the very edge…the very farthest edge….of town.

Growing up in a small town presented opportunity to have to find fun things to do. One of those ‘fun’ things was running around in the cemetery in the dark and getting scared half out of our wits while somebody told some obnoxious spooky story. I never quite knew why I went along because I really did get scared! I think that is part of the reason I have just never liked cemeteries!

It is definitely unique, for me, to see all of the cemeteries in the Church yards here. I told my husband that I didn’t like thinking about death when I went to Church! He always gave me a look…like….say what?

So over the past several months I have pondered this practice (of cemeteries in Church yards).  I drive past a little Church with a cemetery on the grounds, quite often. It is just around the corner from our house. I have grown to love this scene…and love the meaning that it has for me now.  What better reminder? We live our lives….in Jesus’ love. We should live our lives according to Our Father’s Will…and he does bring us home…to our peaceful rest…our Heavenly Home. How very sweet…to be resting near a place of worship. I quite like the idea of that now. At least…today I do!

Time for Revival!

This is the sign outside the little Church around the corner. Ironic if you ask me! Revival? I see a lot of head stones! Please….don’t be offended…it’s funny!

What do you see…on the streets where you live?

Our street…just around the corner from the little Cemetery.

So…now for that

‘to die for’ dessert….and they are so Southern and so yummy!

Pecan Pie Bars

Here is a link to a printable recipe…

These are gooey, nutty and delicious. I hope you’ll give them a try…or maybe be inspired to make a batch of your own favorite cookie bars.

By the way…

a note about the last post and Mock Tapioca Pudding.  Out of One Hundred Seventeen views,

I had….

drum roll….

6 ‘likes’! Six?

Wow….I had no idea there were that few of us who like Cream of Wheat! But the proof, as always, is in the pudding. Ya’ll really should try it! But if pudding isn’t your thing….give these Pecan Pie Bars a try…they’re great!

Until we meet again….

Happy trails….on the street where you live!


18 thoughts on “A Matter of Life,Death….and a dessert ‘to die for’…Pecan Pie Bars!

  1. Those pecan bars look so gooey and delicious. Pecans are a great representation of the South. Like some of the others, I find old cemetaries peaceful. They are filled with so much history. If we only knew the stories behind all of those stones.


    1. I am learning to feel the peace…of the piece of stone! In fact I’ve decided that if I ever live in a small town, that has the old cemetery at the edge of town, again…I’ll visit and discover the gravesites that never get a visitor. Perhaps all of their family and friends have ‘moved on’ as well…and I will leave a flower now and then! Maybe leave a sweet treat! My brother leaves a bag of Nachos on my Nephews’ grave (Trent’s favorite snack)! Perhaps the peace is simply about remembering those that we love…and their story. 🙂 Thank you for that note!


    1. What a sweet nomination! 🙂 I feel very blessed to have such notice and blessed to have some very sweet followers that have also given me some inspiration, some sweet recipes of their own and some sweet food for thought! I hope to live up to the nomination in all of my posts…Thank you Faith!


    1. I think a lot of people share your thoughts…and I have experienced a pretty big shift in my view on the matter. I think seeing these old cemeteries here in the South…in the Church yard…has brought about the feeling of peace about it. And, considering that you are a family historian…I think that’s pretty neat for you to think that way! 🙂


    1. Hi! Oh…I love that you have two beautiful names…together! Ah yes…I am finding that the old cemeteries have an old charm…like old homes. Glad to have found another Cream of Wheat fan! 🙂


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