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Pray a Latte’! A recipe for happiness!

Saturday morning was a misty morning with a light soft rain. A perfect day for a homemade latte’!

Misty Morning Latte’

This luscious latte’ was every bit as good as the expensive coffee shop variety! It is quite easy to make, less expensive and you can stay in your pj’s! What a way to enjoy a misty morning!

To make:

Brew some strong coffee…or espresso. This was the coffee that I used for my latte’…Cafe Goya.

Rich Bold Espresso

Heat some 2% milk in a pan…till you see a layer of ‘skim’ and it starts to bubble.

Funky Milk…perfect stage to whisk into a foam!

Then whisk into a bubbly foam….

a Perfect Foam!

Fill a coffee cup 1/2 or 2/3 full of coffee,Β  add sweetener of your choice if you like, pour hot milk, holding back the foam, into the coffee, top off with some foam…sprinkle with cinnamon or your favorite spice. ENJOY…on the porch, in your jamms…or…wherever your morning takes you! It is yum-huh delicious!

Second cup!

While enjoying my latte’ I remembered the cutest coffee cups with the phrase…Pray a Latte’ on them…and a scripture.

I saw these in a catalog that my sister-in-law had…Catalog Favorites.

Prayer and Latte’

I searched for the cups. They are no longer available! I think I shall pray…a latte’…for them to come back. Should have ordered them before!

I Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.

I thought about that scripture while enjoyingΒ my latte’.

I thought…

Pray a lot

To The Father Above

His love and mercy

To bless those that I love…

Friends and Family,

Those I hold dear….

I pray The Lord to hold them near.

I gave thanks for my loved ones,Β the morning, the soft falling rain…

Until we meet again…

Wishing you a day that is blessed simply…

and a day that is simply blessed….

with…a latte’ to be thankful for!

Happy Trails!


18 thoughts on “Pray a Latte’! A recipe for happiness!

  1. Loved this post a-latte! Great ideas for prayers and I especially like fixing my own coffee in order to enjoy precious time with the Lord. Beautiful pictures, don’t you love a misty morning!


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