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FUNERAL POTATOES (aka Nauvoo Potatoes)…and we call them ‘HAPPY POTATOES’!

Announcing the death of ‘funeral potatoes’….we now call them ‘happy tators’!

"Happy Tators"
“Happy Tators”

I have been absent for a while…at least not posting much here at Home and The Range. I was beginning to think my  job may be the death of me…I mean my blog! I truly miss this little blog when I’m away!  Home and The Range is my journal of the people, places and things that I love.

Speaking of people that I love…

I had opportunity, a couple of months ago, to spend time with some of my loved ones that live out West. It was a wonderful time! Three of my children (and my daughter’s fiance’) made the trip from Arizona to Utah to visit with me and all of our family there. There was much to celebrate! Dad just turned 83, Dustin (our hero…still battling through his Muscular Dystrophy) just turned 30, Waylon just turned 5, Darryl just turned 53 and one of my daughters is newly engaged.

A few highlights from Home…where family gathers!

And from the Range … some food that we love!

A grand meal shared with loved ones that included funeral potatoes!

"Happy Tators"
“Happy Tators”

This is a popular dish in Utah. I love these creamy, cheesy delicious potatoes! A few years ago my youngest daughter suggested we name this delicious dish ‘happy potatoes’ because funeral potatoes sounds a bit depressing. So we now call them ‘happy potatoes…or happy tators’!

They have been so named ‘funeral potatoes’ because they are often made for the dinner provided for a family following a funeral. The Relief Society in the LDS Church provides the comfort of a home cooked meal for family and close friends in attendance of a funeral. The name ‘Nauvoo Potatoes’ has to do with the history of the LDS Church and Nauvoo, Illinois.

My sister made the ‘happy potatoes’ for our get-together in Utah and I was reminded of how much I love them.  I made them when I got back home to Kentucky as part of our Easter meal. I’m bringing the West and Southwest…to The South!

The green onion adds to the unique flavor of this dish and the crunchy corn flake topping makes this recipe…tops!

There are a few versions of this dish on the internet but I LOVE this recipe that my sister and I use (she gave me the recipe several years ago).

If you would like to try the recipe that my sister and I use …select the following link:

Until we meet again…

Wishing you the blessings of home, family…and maybe some ‘Happy Tators’.

Happy Trails!


Find joy in the journey

8 thoughts on “FUNERAL POTATOES (aka Nauvoo Potatoes)…and we call them ‘HAPPY POTATOES’!

    1. Hi Barbara! My Nephew (also his brother and my niece’s son) all have Duschenne’s Dystrophy. There are different types of this muscular dystrophy. DMD is carried from mother to son and while our family has been hopeful of a cure or treatment to improve their quality of life…they have not been able to do this yet. We were told that the average life expectancy is 17 – 21. My online research indicates the average is 25. Dustin is now 30 and has beaten the odds, as has his brother, now 25. Dustin is at home on a respirator, after a frightening episode is October last year…when he died, 3 times, was revived and life flighted to another city for treatment. They expected he would not survive the day. He is home now with his brother who tenderly looks after him and looks on…knowing the outcome for both of them. This is the first time this disease has shown up in our family. We have three of the sweetest boys on earth…that have blessed us. We treasure each and every day with them! It is a very difficult disease to endure…to watch. Prayers for you and your friend! Create a loving circle of friends and faith. These boys have given US strength as we support and love them. My sister, brother-in-law and family have been faithful and strong…but it is difficult to watch the wear on them as well. Blessings to you in your love and support!


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