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A Cup ‘O, Cup ‘O…times ten…and BOOM, Ten Cup Cookies!

Remember Dolly Parton telling how to make a fruit cocktail dump cake in Steel Magnolia’s?

Hmmm…well this post isn’t about that!! But in the future I will do a…

Cup ‘O, Cup ‘O, Cup ‘O post on that yummy cake and share some photos of those beautiful Magnolia trees in bloom.

Nope…this post is about Ten Cup Cookies. Delicious cookies! I think of these delights as a ‘my cup runneth over’ cookie and they are a new fave at our home!

A Cup 'O, Cup 'O.....
A Cup ‘O, Cup ‘O…..

I have been absent for a while…again! Life has been quite full for several months. It hasn’t been so ‘Easy like Sunday Morning’ for some time now! It has been full…ten cups full and more!

One constant in life is change! I’ve had a change of job and industry which has required a lot of learning. A LOT of learning! My cup runneth over! I remind myself to see all of this change in that very light. I am thankful! I am grateful!

I am on a crazy diet now also…ANOTHER diet! My love for baking has been shelved for a while. But…oh no…where are the goodies? Ah…I made some of Poppy’s faves and some of mine as well…before diet day one! So…I have pictures. What…am I crazy you say? Hmm…yes, must be! Looking at these pictures makes me yearn for these scrumptious cookies! Ah well…can’t have my cake AND eat it too! Wait…what about a cookie?

I have made these Ten Cup Cookies several times now for Poppy and I and for co-workers and their families. They are addictive! Everybody loves them!

One of my fellow bloggers, Christie McGuire, awarded me this great Cookbook…Southern Living Homestyle Cookbook. This recipe was a definite winner and so…I share!

Southern Living Cookies

                                                 Southern Living Cookbook Cookies

Remember…life gets full of…life! Enjoy it…each and every ten cup cookie at a time!

And when life gets scary…’high tail it and run!’

High Tail It!

I never quite knew what that expression meant or where it came from. After seeing White Tail Deer on our property…I have a good idea! When they sense danger (life gets scary) they raise their tails and run. They ‘high tail it’ outta here!

Until we meet again…

may your cup runneth over

and remember to ‘high tail it’ and run…when life gets scary!

Wishing you a day that is blessed simply…

and simply blessed!


Take a bite...and high tail it!
Take a bite…and high tail it!

18 thoughts on “A Cup ‘O, Cup ‘O…times ten…and BOOM, Ten Cup Cookies!

    1. That sounds like a winter morning winner to me! 🙂 Thank you Maya! I have to come over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to. I have not been an active blogger for a while…so much going on. I think I will be back again…soon. The blogging community is a great place and I miss it! Wishing you a blessed, safe and Happy New Year!Thank you for visiting. 🙂


    1. They really are a full pantry cookie…Mother Hubbard certainly couldn’t make them! 🙂 I hope you do try them. A lot of ingredients…but really very simple to make. They disappear quickly…believe me! ~ Blessings! Vee


    1. Thank you Daniela! Yes…it gets quite boring and old!! But…sticking to it I am! I look forward to being able to enjoy these gems again one day! LOL….~Blessings to you…good luck with your diet as well!


  1. Victoria, I can imagine how a new job in a new industry could keep you busy. These cookies look like such a meaty cookie which I like. Lot’s of goodies make these little gems what they are. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with us 🙂 Have a great Labor(less) day!


    1. Thank you! I believe you described these cookies…to a tea! Hmmm….they are quite good with tea. 🙂 Glad to share the recipe. The recipe book was a lovely surprise…given to me by a fellow blogger. I hope your day is Labor(less) as well! ~Blessings!


    1. Thank you Barbara! Yes…many cups full! 🙂 It is nice to be able to peek in on my fellow bloggers a bit. I’ve missed your beautiful posts! Your blog just gets more and more beautiful! Thank you for stopping by! ~Blessings!


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