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Tiramisu? “Well I never & why I oughta”!

pretty tiramisuI can’t really say…’why I never’! Because…Tiramisu is a delicious delight! Layers of luscious sweet custard, lady fingers soaked in coffee and coffee liqueur, all topped off with a dusting of cocoa.

Ahhhhhhhhh, me, Tiramisu!! This new-found treasure of a dessert lives up to its name…

Tiramisu, [ˌtiramiˈsu], meaning “pick me up” or “cheer me up” and, oh yes, it does just that!

The ethereal (extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world) luscious, sweet (but not too sweet) custard is made of sabayon, mascarpone cheese and whipping cream. The latter of all being the only ingredient without a fancy, fun to say name. However, my Aunt Brenda would call it ‘whoopin’ cream’, so we can officially say that all of the above have fancy, fun to say names and definitely result in this lady’s fingers (soaked in coffee and coffee liqueur – yes, my lady fingers had to dip the lady fingers) wanting to make it again! Why, you ask? ‘Well, I oughta’!

If you haven’t ever wondered ‘what the heck is sabayon?’ you may now be asking yourself that very question! Because wondering (or is that wandering) minds want to know…I will tell you!

Sabayon, is a French adaptation of Zabaione; an Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, made with egg yolks, sugar, and a sweet wine. Some versions of the recipe incorporate spirits such as cognac. I used Marsala. The dessert version is a light custard, whipped (whooped) to incorporate a large amount of air. And when mascarpone cheese is folded in to this oh so creamy, dreamy custard it becomes a component of Tiramisu.

The mixture will begin to get frothy. Keep whisking, whisking, whoopin’ …and the result will be a creamy custard!

From start to finish…

This was a fun dessert to make. Can’t really say ‘why, I never’ but ‘I oughta’ and didn’t! But now…I saw, I did, I loved it and will do it again! I actually love the fact that I have not tried everything yet. Life would be boring without a new recipe to try here and there. Here, in my kitchen, on my ‘range’ and there…wherever I and the buffalo roam, maybe!

Two recipe links for Tiramisu (there are so many versions online)…



I don’t know why it takes me so long to come back to a place that I love so much (this blog)! This is where my creative and sometimes goofy side comes to life (you may have noticed that last characteristic, already, from this post). But, here I am, again, and I will be back again soon!

I hope that life has been treating you well, with delicious surprises, such as this Tiramisu was for me!

Until the next ride into the sunset…

Happy trails to you;

May your life be blessed simply

and simply blessed!


picture import May 2015 to September 15,2015 087

May your friends always be glad to greet you and…

May you always be…

grateful mugs
Thankful, Grateful & Blessed Mugs, designed and made by Victoria




13 thoughts on “Tiramisu? “Well I never & why I oughta”!

  1. I absolutely love Tiramisu and you’ve given me cause to try to make one on of my own. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried making it at home, thanks for the recipes 🙂


  2. mmm. . . I love Tiramisu when I get it in restaurants, but never thought about trying to make it myself. This post makes me realize that it might be fun to try making it.


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