A Bittersweet Easter Afternoon…Reflections of God’s Love

I hope that all enjoyed Easter and time with Family.

Yesterday…Poppy and I spent the afternoon with family here in Kentucky. It was a beautiful day. Soon all of the leaves will be back on the trees and you will no longer see houses…just trees! It is just so pretty!
While out on the porch, I sat in the very same spot that I had before…last July during a family reunion. The spot where I was when I received a call from my youngest daughter. The call was about her oldest brother’s son, her nephew, my grandson. He was found, not breathing…but  had been revived and was in critical condition in a coma. I left the reunion to go back to Arizona. For eleven days…we prayed and watched as God answered our prayers.  And for six weeks…we watched miracle upon miracle as our boy recovered. Only by the Grace of God, and the power of prayer, was his life spared. I cannot ever forget the power of prayer…and the power of God’s love for His children. God has a deep abiding love for us all…no matter where we are in our life, no matter the circumstance…He will carry us through.

I believe that God has a plan for all of us…and He certainly had a plan for my grandson that had not been played out yet.

I was reminded…
God has a plan for all of us…and for all of us there is a time and a purpose under Heaven.
God answers our prayers…and if we look…we will all find our purpose…under His Heaven.

For Poppy and I, the people in our lives are our purpose and our blessings. I can never be worthy of the ‘blessings’ in my life…but I am counting them…one by one!

Some of our blessings…

Celebrating the blessings and miracle!

Our Arizona Family…some of our blessings!


So many more blessings…we’ll be sharing more of those ‘blessings’ photos with you!

Easter was a reminder to me…of our seasons. Of our time here on earth, our blessings…and of our Father’s love for us.

To every thing….there is a time and a purpose under Heaven.
(Ecc 3:1-8)

I hope that you are in a time, a season to…
‘Be Born’ (find yourself again)
Build Up
and in a time of Peace.

May this season of your life be blessed simply…and and simply blessed!
Mom ‘N Poppy

2 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Easter Afternoon…Reflections of God’s Love

  1. My Dear Debaroo…any time you need me! My one sister…because God knew I only needed you! You are special! I miss all the sweet smiles and faces at your house too! And I do know a few recipes that Darryl just might like :)Love,Swister Vee


  2. Oh dear swister…I love you and your sweet soul, God sent me to the best swister in the world. Oh I miss all those face's but not as much as you I am sure.Hey want to fly to Utah? Darryl will pay(he is relieved that he can eat)JK.Love you,Debaroo:)


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