There were no chocolate bunnies or eggs in those Kentucky lawn…Easter Baskets

Hunting eggs and enjoying the day!

Meischa had so much fun!
Poppy gives Meischa hints!
Colored Eggs…and Coloring Books!

Easter came and went…and there was not even one egg to be found in any of those baskets on front lawns here in Kentucky! When I first arrived here, last December, I noticed some common ‘lawn decor’…
extremely large ceramic ‘Easter’ baskets! 
I commented to Poppy…’those are odd things…it’s not Easter!’
Giant Concrete Easter Basket!
My expectation of Kentucky ‘lawn decor’ was all things…Kentucky Derby. You know…horses and jockeys.
Where did I put my horse?

While there are a few of those…I am very surprised that the most common lawn fixture…is a huge concrete Easter basket!

I can see some fun things people might do with these curious things year round, but my limited experience of these baskets, so far…says nope, they don’t! 
For instance…

Kentucky has some very loyal college ball fans. We  just had the Final Four here…UK won…in case you didn’t already know that.  

University of Kentucky…2012 Champions!

So…I kept looking to see if people might place red basketballs (for Louisville Cardinals) or blue basketballs (for UK Wildcats) in these gigantic baskets. Nope! WOW…that would have looked pretty neat. Now…If I had any Photo Shop talent…I would create that visual right now!

So were these ‘Easter Baskets’ utilized at Easter time? No they were not! No giant Easter eggs or giant chocolate bunnies were found in the baskets. What? No Peeps either? Again…a missed opportunity!

Little Lost Peeps!

Maybe there are some uses for these baskets…not yet seen, such as…

Filling them with ice and drinks at a family barbecue?
Making a compost in them?
Use as the designated, secret place to hide a spare key? Well that’s a dead giveaway (a very strange term)!
Make into a trough for feeding livestock?
A place to store firewood?
Use them for a bean bag toss game?
Convert into a concrete bird bath?
Maybe they are used as the entrance into a tornado shelter? Yes…that has to be it! Now I know where I can take cover! Good…I feel so much better! These things must be, after all, quite useful!
I am hopeful that I will one day see all kinds of beautiful flowers thriving and flourishing in these baskets. It is already Spring…have not seen any ‘flower baskets’ yet!

Yes…flowers would be good!

In summary…
Some have their Gnomes….and some have their misnomer’s.  I guess this is one of mine! They may not be Easter baskets after all!

I think this explains the baskets!

When will the strike be over? Oh…maybe it is…didn’t they go to work for Travelocity?
You just can’t get a good Lawn Gnome around here! So…a huge concrete ‘Lawn Basket’ will have to do!

Wishing you….lovely lawn decor of your choosing,
and…a life blessed simply…and simply blessed!

Wish you were here!
Mom ‘N Poppy

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