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Pictures of my Beautiful New Old Kentucky Home!

I love the beautiful surroundings…in my ‘New Old Kentucky Home’! I am taking part in a photo challenge and will be posting a new picture every day for the next week.  I am focusing on my surroundings and nature.

I just might have a recipe or two…inspired by the photos. Hmm….could be a fun week!

I hope you’ll take this week’s journey with me and I hope that it will inspire you to take notice of your surroundings.

Day One…

Something to Leave Behind….photo taken by Victoria…
‘My New Old Kentucky Home’.

The Little Lonely Tractor…

There is a little lonely tractor,

parked and left behind…

It may not be remembered,

But it is ever close on MY mind.

It sits in my backyard…

among the trees and brush,

still sheltered by a small roof,

somewhat guarded from gaining rust.

I love this little tractor,

it adds to the scenic view…

no longer useful for intents and purpose….

new life, new purpose, new view.

It belongs here…in my ‘Beautiful, New Old Kentucky Home’

I hope you will find the beauty and joy in all that surrounds you today!


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