Kentucky Rain!

Right as rain…rain!

Kentucky Rain…at my ‘New Old Kentucky Home’

This photo was taken in my backyard last Saturday afternoon. You can see it is raining back in ‘the cove’.

Oh how I love the rain here!

Is there anything better than a rainy day…snuggling beneath a blanket and reading a book, watching a movie or taking that much-needed nap? Yes…there is! Getting out in the rain! I love to go out in the rain. From the time I was a little girl (we won’t talk about how many years ago that was) I have loved the smell of rain, the soft mist against my skin, watching the ripples in the puddles as more rain falls. It awakens all of the senses! Awww, heaven!

Part of the lyrics in one of Poppy’s (my husband) favorite songs…’I’d spend a lot more time in the rain without an umbrella…covering my head.’ Good words!

This is another view of the rain off in the distance.

Raining in the grove.

Some interesting facts about Kentucky rain…

The average annual precipitation in Kentucky is 48.9 inches. Ranked on a scale of 1 to 50 (higher numbers represent ‘dryer’ States)…Kentucky is at 12.

Last year Kentucky had 66 inches and ranked the 11th ‘wettest’ State.

I just moved here from the Southwest (Arizona) last December. In Arizona…average annual precipitation is 13.6 inches, ranking number 47! Yes…it’s a ‘dry heat’ and DRY!

Remember the Elvis song….’with the rain in my shoe….searching for you…in the cold Kentucky Rain’?

Click the link to hear Elvis sing…Kentucky Rain…awesome!


Wishing you a day that is blessed…with rain!


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