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A Swing Thing…and Just a Swingin’!

Childhood memories of the swing in this episode!

Ahh…the swing!

Swing, Pump....Tire....Swing!

I recall my childhood passions…the swinging in the breeze,

No matter where the swing hung,

From a pole or in the trees…

Work and work…pump harder, climb higher,

Feel the wind, feel the rush,

How high can I go,

How far will I fall?….

I remember the joy,

Calloused fingers from the chain,

The thump from the jump,

Do it again… I

Remember it all!

S W I N G…

Baby Swing

Take a Swing

The Door Swings Both Ways

Swing Music

Swing Dance (and there is a Louisville Swing Dance Society…that’s where I live)

Golf Swing

Swing The Bat

Swing Set and…a Porch Swing, where you’ll want to hear John Anderson sing! Click the link …you’ll love it!

John Anderson…Just a Swingin’

Just a waitin' be swingin'!

I hope this brought a smile…some memories for you…of swingin’!

Tune in tomorrow for my recipe for Southern Sweet Tea…Vee Style!

Please share your comments about the photos, if you like!

May your day be blessed! May you always come out swingin’!


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