Beautiful Blogger Award! I am honored!

I just received my first award and I am thrilled!

At times I wonder, as a lot of newbie bloggers might also, whether my thoughts, expressed in a post, are adding to anybody’s day. My intention and purpose is to share my journey and hopefully inspire or cheer someone’s path along the way. If I have done that…I am blessed! I am also blessed to find such a great network of sharing and inspiration through this blog world.

It is a great honor to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! A very special thank you to Faith at http://faithrises.wordpress.com for the nomination and her comments on ” Do We Have Our Ducks In A Row?” post, which was an expression of gratitude for my Mother. Now I know that some of this does touch others and I am thankful.  I have been inspired by Faith’s posts and I follow her blog. Please take a journey over to her blog.

The Beautiful Blogger Award is given for creativity, originality, and contribution to the blogging community. Per the award guidelines, I will list seven random things about myself, and list seven blogs that I am nominating  for the Beautiful Blogger Award, which I am also honored to do.

Seven things…about me:

I am a Baby Boomer.

My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I wish I had all of my kids and grand kids, parents and all the family I left out West…nearby.

I have two Jack Russell’s and  a Chow/Shepherd mix.

I love feeding people.

I love rain.

Seven Beautiful Blogs that I nominate:

What Andy Sees http://whatandysees.wordpress.com

Pausing To Praise http://pausingtopraise.wordpress.com

Wai Yuk Kennedy http://waiyukkennedy.wordpress.com

Lady Romp http://ladyromp.wordpress.com

A Hundred Years Ago  http://ahundredyearsago.wordpress.com

Diary of a Mad Crafter http://diaryofamadcrafter.wordpress.com/

Even a Girl Like Me hthttp://joycannis.wordpress.com/

Please stop in and visit these blogs. I think you will find some great talent and inspiration…as I have!

I am grateful for all of you that read my blog. I look forward to the continued journey with all of you!

Wishing you a day that is blessed simply…and simply blessed!

Happy trails…

Until we meet again!


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award! I am honored!

  1. Congratulations, You are the One who deserves that! i am so happy for you, and love to read your Blog anytime! have a Blessed and Wonderful Weekend!


    1. Thank you Christine! It is a rewarding moment and I appreciate your notice and comments. I was happy to come across your blog also and will be following your journey. Wishing you a weekend full of blessings as well! Happy Trails!


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