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A Home and The Range Update….Mom ‘N Poppy’s Log, Silver Wings!

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks….and I’m back to my Kentucky home.

This post is a snapshot of my trip back to my ‘Utah Home’ (I also have an ‘Arizona Home’) and some notes about family…and blessings.

My Brothers, Sister and Brother-In-Law, some of their family and my Parents live at my old stomping grounds in Utah.

Utah Home…just below Horseshoe Mountain.

The trip…

My Sister had a hysterectomy and I was there to help during her recovery.

My Sister…

I call my Sister ‘Debaroo’ because she has a lot to carry around in her pouch! She has two boys that have Muscular Dystrophy and she has been raising three Grandchildren…a bit much to handle after surgery. I am so thankful I was there to lighten the load so that Debaroo could focus on healing and recovery. It was a blessing to me… spending time with family. Surgery and recovery went well.

About those Nephews of mine….

They are amazing! They have both outlived their life expectancy…something I attribute to the love and care of their Parents, Family and to their attitude, faith and loving spirit. They are such a blessing to our Family!

Dustin had been on oxygen for the past month…following an episode of pneumonia. It was quite probable that he would be on oxygen for the remainder of his life. Once again…he has amazed us and he is no longer on oxygen! That was a wonderful day!

Little Tommy….so happy that Uncle Dustin no longer has the oxygen tank!

Dad and Mom …

Still sewing…at 82 years of age!
Mom loves keeping up the yard and making it look spiffy!

Both of my Parents have had life threatening illnesses and conditions over the past couple of years. It was a blessing to see them both being active and doing well.

Some nice surprises…

I had a birthday while I was away. Dad and Mom brought cake up to my Sister’s home and Dad made his famous, scrumptious homemade ice cream for me. YUM!

They call me ‘Aunt Vickie’ in those parts!

I don’t always get to see both of my Brothers while I am in Utah so it was great to be able to see them both on this trip.  I also got to see a Nephew that I haven’t seen in several years…Damian. He is a Border Patrol Agent in Arizona and we don’t see him very often. We were all excited to see him walk up the sidewalk…a very nice surprise!

Damian and some of the ‘Wild Bunch’.

It was wonderful to spend time with my ‘Utah’ Family.

Here are some shared and special moments…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday, June 5th…

My last day in Utah…sad goodbye’s. At the same time…we thought of the song ‘Silver Wings’…started to sing it…and started to cry. We are such softies…geeze! Goodbyes are always difficult…when you love someone so much! I boarded the plane…looked out at the wing…well, I guess you know the rest of the story!

Silver Wings….shining in the sunlight….roaring engines….are taking me away, leaving me lonely….

Only until next time…and then those Silver Wings…will bring me back!

Silver Wings

Happy Trails….’til we meet again!

5 thoughts on “A Home and The Range Update….Mom ‘N Poppy’s Log, Silver Wings!

    1. Thank you! You are so awesome! Some of my earlier posts were trasported from another blog and didn’t really get ‘posted’ here. How nice of you to look through my earlier posts and make such kind comments. I really love some of those posts and glad that you enjoyed the photos! Thank you!


  1. I love the post and want some copies of the pic’s if you could….as I sit here and have a tear in my eye’s.
    The children are waiting for their momma and I am in hope’s all will go well for all of them….I love those little one’s so much.
    Kiara say’s hi Aunt Vickie:) we all love and miss you sooooooooooo much!!!
    Cant wait for those silver wing’s to carry you back.
    I love you my dear swister.


    1. Dear Debaroo,
      I can email you the pics and some others as well. I love the pictures! Loved my time there with all of you…a big hi and a hug to Kiara and all. I hope their Momma does come through this time. Love and miss you all…prayers with you always. Be good and continue healing. Can’t wait ’til those Silver Wings bring me back too! Love you…always and forever!


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