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Weekly Photo Challenge…Be a Doll and get this project finished, will ya?

The subject of this week’s photo challenge….CREATE!

The photo can be a picture of you or someone else….creating something….or something that you or they have created. So…how about something that I created…creating?

Miss Raggedy…tries her hand at crochet! Nice job!

I am a person that always has many irons in the fire. So many ideas, so many things I want to make…and, sorry to say (maybe I have Attention Deficit Disorder?)….in my excitement for the project and anticipation of what the end result might be…I start projects that don’t get finished right away.

Have you ever said….Those projects aren’t going to finish themselves….are they?


Miss Raggedy….and Mr. Bald Andy!

Maybe Miss Raggedy can help me get hair on Mr. ‘Bald’ Andy’s head…and some clothes maybe?

I made a Raggedy Ann and Andy for my sister for her birthday one year. I started another set, thinking that maybe one of my Granddaughters or Daughters might like to have them. But they have not had any attention in a while.

I guess I was thinking about them today because it is my sister’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Deb!

(aka Debaroo)!

This is a lovely gift that Debaroo created for me years back….

Simply stated…sweetly created!

My thoughts about this challenge…

Of all the things that we can create in this lifetime…

creating those relationships that last forever…is worth the time and should never be put aside…for later!

Wishing you a day full of the blessings of creativity…yours or someone else’s…

and the joy of creating loving and lasting relationships!

Happy Trails…

’til we meet again!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge…Be a Doll and get this project finished, will ya?

  1. Hi,
    Miss Raggedy and Mr. Bald look like they are going to be a very cute couple. 🙂
    What a lovely gift from your Sister, very nicely done, and I Wish her a very Happy Birthday.


    1. I will pass along the compliment and birthday greetings! Thanks so much! And…I would agree….they may be a lovely couple just as they are! Thanks for the laugh!


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