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Seasons….of Love! A Celebration of Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes!

The past week, for me, has been a time of reflection and gratitude. A time to look back over the past year,

a Celebration of a Season of Love!

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We don’t always realize how much prayer can affect our lives.

Even when we are too weak to pray….

there is power in the prayers offered in our behalf.

I know this! I have seen it in my life!

One year ago….my Grandson battled for his life….in a coma….

while all of us that love him….prayed.

Eleven days in a coma! No one….ever….gave up!

It was a powerful experience!

God does answer our prayers….and when we don’t have the strength

or ability to pray for ourselves…He is still there with us…

answering the prayers of those who love us enough…

to keep praying…and never give up on us!

While remembering this life changing event….

I thought of many people that I know…with their struggles…

and how their lives might change…if there were enough prayers offered in their behalf!

We should always remember to pray for those that may not believe,

that may be lost,

that may be hardened by life experiences.

Continue to pray….and pray some more! Never….give up!

Do you know someone…in need of prayer?

Offer it up…with love in your heart.

Let God work in their life…through you!

Let the coming year be a Season Of Love….

Miracles do happen!

How would I measure….the past year….the past Season?

Seasons of Love ( abbreviated…from the play…Rent)

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Moments So Dear…

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure – Measure a Year?

In Daylights – In Sunsets,

In Midnights – In Cups of Coffee,

In Inches – In Miles,

In Laughter – In Strife,

In – Five hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

How do you Measure…

A Year?

How About Love?

Measure in Love,

Seasons of Love!

……Journeys to Plan,

The Truths that You’ve Learned,

The Times that You’ve Cried,

The Bridges Burned…

Time now….To Sing Out…

The Story Never Ends,

Let’s Celebrate!

Remember a Year in The Life Of Friends,

Remember in Love….

Measure in Love!

Wishing you blessings….beyond measure!

Wishing you a Season Of Love and Celebration…

Never….Ever….Give Up!

Happy Trails….

‘Til We Meet Again!


6 thoughts on “Seasons….of Love! A Celebration of Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes!

  1. Very inspiring and touching post. I’m glad I discovered your blog and enjoy visiting here very much.
    Having said that, I have nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award.
    My computer won’t let me leave a link here, but you can check out the details on the award post at my blog.

    God Bless You! Marsha


    1. Thank you so much Marsha! When I started my blog I found a place to share some of my family moments, some fun things about my new home in the South and my passion for ‘Home'(all things homey)…and ‘The Range'(my love of cooking and baking). In the process I have found some other lovely blogs such as yours. I didn’t quite know where my blogging would lead me or if anybody else would find me. I always said…if I only inspire one other person…I will feel blessed. I am honored and blessed by your nomination!
      Wishing you God’s blessings also!


  2. Such beautiful words of reflection, Victoria–words of sadness, worry, hope, joy and gratitude that caused me to remember and be grateful as well. The images and slide shows are wonderful as well. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Rick! I have been truly blessed with some miracles and can never forget such life changing events. When I started blogging it was to create a journal of some of my experiences and I thought if even just one other person found something in it that inspired them or that they enjoyed…or cause to remember and be grateful….then it would be a good thing. I am pleased that you found that here. That also makes me feel blessed! Thank you! Wishing you a very blessed day!


    1. Thank you! Although I do write poetry from time to time…this was an abbreviated version of the song from the play….Rent. I heard it the other day and it hit me….exactly how have we measured the last precious year…all of it a miracle! I am glad you found some inspiration from the lyrics of the song as well. I appreciate you stopping by to listen and share!


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