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We Whooped it up…and Whipped it up! A Celebration…and Vee’s Italian Cream Cake!

Well…Poppy’s birthday came and went. There was celebration of another year…along with celebrating a Great Niece’s visit and our Brother-In-Law’s race victory. He competes in the NMCA (National Muscle Car Association).

So we Whooped it up…and Whipped it up!

Whoopie…Whoop it up!

There was Victory…

Les’ Beautiful Camaro!

And there was cake…

Top it off with coconut and pecans…how Southern is that?

And there was cake!

We celebrate…a birthday, a visit and a race victory!

My husband loves coconut…

coconut cake…

coconut cream pie…

and he loves that Paula Deen Coconut Cake (it is a poke cake), but it is a bit too sweet for me. For his birthday cake this year…I decided I would make an Italian Cream Cake. After looking up a recipe and then making an assessment of the ingredients that I didn’t have on hand I came up with this alternative. There are only a few recipes that I make using a cake mix…but I did happen to have a cake mix on hand. So…I went to work on creating a semi-homemade version of Italian Cream Cake, a Southern favorite (which has to be about the coconut and pecans).

This cake is…the Bomb! It is so moist and creamy…it is out of this world…really! Poppy wanted me to keep this recipe a secret…but I am sharing…and I hope you’ll try it! Those that we have shared the cake with have also said that it doesn’t get better than this! One of my co-workers said that she buys Italian Cream Cake for special events from a Gourmet Bakery…and THIS was the best she had ever tasted! I love making things that others enjoy as much as I do! That is sweeter than the sweet! 🙂 It is a Victory!


Here is a printable version of the recipe:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The slideshow will give you a bit of a tutorial for preparing…Poppy’s new favorite coconut dessert!!

As far as Victories go….

They are always the result of faith, dedication, determination, talent and skill.

Celebrate your Family…

your Victories…

and always remember….

It’s always just…

A Piece ‘O Cake!

Wishing you Victory and Celebration in your life today…

and ’til we meet again (and I promise it won’t be as long next time)

Happy Trails!


4 thoughts on “We Whooped it up…and Whipped it up! A Celebration…and Vee’s Italian Cream Cake!

    1. She sounds like a lady that loves feeding her family…as I do! It is always great to have a favorite dish or dessert to look forward to…that one sounds like a definite winner to me!


    1. Hi! Yes…it is! Thank you! Not only does Les race the car…but he is a master mechanic and keeps it running like it does and keeps it in prime condition. He loves the race…but loves the car and it shows. Pretty neat!


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