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Postcards from Kentucky….Stormy Weather!

The past week….stormy weather in Louisville!

The thunder storms here….so….loud! Every time we get one of these storms I want to go back to the West!

I experienced the Monsoons of the desert (now they call them Nonsoons because of a lack thereof). A Monsoon storm can put you a bit on edge…but these storms here are crazy scary! I think I need some nerve tonic when these storms hit. Wait….I think they might call that Bourbon! Ah….now I understand why this is Bourbon country! Break out the Southern Bread Pudding and Bourbon Sauce!

This post is a quick ‘post card’…before and after the storm…

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I have always said there is nothing like an Arizona Sunset. I haven’t seen one here in the South that comes close….but there are some beautiful colors in the sky after a storm. The last storm exited with a beautiful pink and orange hue in the sky. It made the barn look orange.

Take notice of the image on the side of the barn. It is Ivy growing through and up the side of the barn and it looks like a ghost!  See how scary these storms can be? Even the ghost looks scared!

This past week was also a storm of change. I started a new job…working in Property Management for a company in downtown Louisville. It will be a great opportunity to become more familiar with my new home…Louisville.

Other news from our Kentucky home…

Poppy has a birthday coming up. I haven’t been baking much lately because of the heat…but we have to bake birthday cake. Next post…Coconut Cake…Poppy’s favorite!

Until then….

Wishing you blessings and shelter from the storm….

and Happy Trails….

’til we meet again!


21 thoughts on “Postcards from Kentucky….Stormy Weather!

    1. Hi Darlene! Thank you! It is always great to know that the ‘shares’ are enjoyed by others. I enjoy yours also. I kept a praise journal for quite a while but not recently. You inspire me…thank you! Wishes for a blessed day for you as well. 🙂


    1. Storms can be quite welcome…unless it is the tornado or severe kind! 😉 I love rain…just trying to get used to the extrremes here in Kentucky.
      Where are you?


      1. I hear Charleston is a beautiful place! I had a friend in Phoenix from there. I plan to visit some time. Enjoy the weather! 🙂 I will stop by this week to see what you are up to at your blog. Many blessings…thunderstorms and all! 🙂


  1. Hello, Victoria. Thank you for visiting my blog in Spain and the comment. Nice photographs you have taken. We could do with some rain here. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome Ralph! You live in a beautiful place..perhaps that will help with your challenges. Thanks for the compliments…and hey….doesn’t the rain in Spain… fall mainly on the plain? Maybe move to the plains? Thanks for the visit…have a blessed day!


      1. Hi Victoria. Very boring on the plain. At least here in the mountains we have birds of all different sizes from buzzards to wrens. A rail train passes by ever so often and the views are terrific. Have a nice weekend, what’s left of it 😉


    1. Thank you Sheryl! I’m glad that the photos did a nice job of depicting the movement of the storm….which was really ‘intense’. So glad you stopped by to enjoy the storm. 🙂 Wishes for a day full of blessings!


    1. I love sharing the photos and the beauty that I see here in my new home so I’m always glad to hear that someone else enjoys them. Thank you for your kind thoughts and compliments! 🙂


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