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Mamma Robin…and a lucky place for her nest!

Mamma tends her nest.
Mamma tends her nest.

I have not participated in a photo challenge in a while. This…I couldn’t resist! UP is the subject matter.

I opened the garage door one day last week and a small bunch of straw and debris fell on my head.When I looked up…this nest is what I discovered! We have been watching this Mamma Robin and her nest since then. We are hoping that all goes well for her and her little ones! This Mamma built her nest above the door of one of the barns here on the property. It is at the top of the rail that the barn door (aka the garage door) slides back and forth on. It is a very precarious place for her to be. We are being so careful and gentle when we do have to open the door. This poor Mamma gets so upset when we have to be anywhere near…taking care of the yard, walking the dogs or going in and out of the barn. Poor Mamma!

My thoughts…

Mamma’s Nest

 It happened one day…while we were away,

Mamma Robin built her nest.

I am concerned, little Mamma,

About your choice…

It seems unstable, fragile, subject to circumstance.

 With every uninvited movement, unsettling noise…

Mamma bird flees the nest.


She frets…

At every thing that seems a threat!

But she returns and waits…

As do we!


How often we build our nest…

Home for our families, uncertain of the foundation,

Hopeful of the outcome; our parental mission…

We anticipate and desire only the best;

No matter…our surroundings, circumstantial things;

We pray for shelter, provision…

Courage and strength in our little ones’ wings,

A bright and promising future,

Fulfillment of their dreams.


As I watch Mamma Robin, ever near;

Always watching, protecting, she frets…

I think of my own worry, fear,

Wonder, regrets!

Did I do everything…

To give my children the best?


When every stick and straw has blown away…

Will they still remember the nest?

Will they remember comfort and shelter?

Will they remember my watchful eye?

Will they know that they were pushed gently…


To learn, on their own…how to fly?

Another view…

A Lucky Home!
A Lucky Home!

Perhaps this little Mamma Robin thought this had to be …

the luckiest place on earth!

It has to be…there is a horse shoe!

Until we meet again…

Wishing you good luck for YOUR home!

Happy Trails!


The Empty Nester's!

(The Empty Nester)

15 thoughts on “Mamma Robin…and a lucky place for her nest!

  1. You captured an awesome photo of the robin in the nest. I have one right on the gutter off my back deck, but haven’t been able to catch the birds in it. In the evening I hear the babies, and the parents are busy feeding them. I feel like a guard, because my dog wants to get the stray cat hanging around, and the stray cat wants to get the birds. The nest is high and under the overhang, so its in a safe place. (Thanks for stopping by my blog.) Nice poem!


    1. It sounds like you are doing a great job of watching over the babies! We are happy that we do have another successful nest of babies. It is in between the boards in another barn. Our dogs are obsessed with trying to get to the babies…but we keep them at a safe distance and so far the Mother has stayed close to her nest. Glad you enjoyed the post and the poem…thank you! 🙂 ~ Blessings!


    1. Yes…it was great to watch over her and try to help her with her little family. We were sad when she abandoned the nest and we were hopeful that she did manage to build a nest elsewhere…in a less traveled area. I did peek into the nest and there were no eggs. We just tell ourselves that she did make another home. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem…thank you! Have a blessed day!


  2. Lovely for you to have a robin there… I forbade anyone to use the front path or the side door of the garage, on each occasion when a blackbird and a thrush built a nest – even put barriers across the paths so no-one could disturb the precious things…it’s so threatening for them otherwise, and I was terrified that they’d forsake the nest a a crucial point !


    1. Hi Valerie!I am so sad, so very sad, to report that our little Mamma has abandoned her nest! 😦 We were so careful to keep away from the nest and all was fine until my brother-in-law came to work on one of our vehicles last Friday. He wasn’t there long…but I guess it was ‘the last straw’ for her. She has not been back. We feel terrible about it! We still haven’t taken a peek into the nest. I am hoping that she had so much interruption that perhaps she never got to even lay her eggs and decided to build another home elsewhere! We had high hopes for her!


  3. Beautiful picture!
    Do you know that in my country it’s a sign of good luck and blessings (apart from the horse shoe)
    when a little bird builds her nest at your home?


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